Bone Marrow
Donor Programme


When BMDP met up with our team, they came with an enticing offer: A chance to revamp one of their pre-existing campaigns, with free reign over its conceptualization. The aim was to re-establish "Match for Life" as an urgent but undaunting call to action aimed at younger Singaporeans. With this in mind, we sought to develop a campaign that was undeniably dynamic. At its core is the idea that every potential donor is a part of a big, vibrant puzzle of life, each important and connected. Over the course of five phases, the new "Match for Life" campaign utilizes both on-the-ground and digital approaches to, essentially, get more people comfortable with the simple act of swabbing their cheeks.

Video excerpt from the deck presented before a judging panel of industry experts.


Puzzles are fun when they're done with more than one person, and that's exactly how our puzzle-themed pop-up booth is designed. A mini-exhibition with four interactive walls, it provides bite-size information through life-size fun. Fronted by a "swab-activated" marquee wall, the booth's deliberate use of lights and bright colours is meant to attract curious onlookers and present the bone marrow donor process in a more accessible light. As an object that represents familiarity and indispensability, the puzzle piece symbol anchors much of the campaign's visual story.



In its former iteration, "Match for Life" didn't fare too well in terms of name recognition. Sure, the public knew who BMDP were, but they weren't quite as familiar with the activities of that particular campaign. Therefore, our task wasn't just to get people talking, we needed them to also know what the campaign's all about. Cue the installations of giant cotton swabs, casually making unannounced appearances throughout central Singapore. Accompanying them are the walking cotton swabs— costumed ambassadors that hand out brochures and encourage passers-by to approach the QR-coded installations.



Being a bone marrow donor has often been perceived as a scary endeavour involving invasive procedures and organ donation. That's OG fake news. We sought to paint a more relatable picture, one that was grounded in reality but also millennial-friendly. "The One" video ads are a not-so-subtle nod to online dating, taking a jab at the oft-romanticized notion of finding one's true soulmate, while also offering a simple, actionable message: "Swab now for a match." Swiping or swabbing, what's the difference, really? By highlighting contrasting personalities, and with the help of some levity, these 15-second clips posit that "The One" donor match could very well be the person that you least expect.



It wouldn't be a complete puzzle if the pieces don't come together so it's only right that things culminate in a flagship event. Since Singaporeans love a good run, we came up with one in which everybody can participate. The Matchy-Matchy Run means exactly that: You run in teams and themes of your choice, in celebration of life and the collective spirit. Whether in drag or cosplay or even your favourite loungewear, all (publicly permitted) forms of sartorial expression are welcomed. We also created a race kit that includes an official swab kit by BMDP so that participants can go away not only as accomplished 5km runners but also as potential bone marrow donors.


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